Custom fabrication of microfluidic chips.

MuWells offers custom microfabrication of master molds and microfluidic devices from PDMS and thermoplastic. Our specialty is fabrication of wafers with micro-reliefs in SU8 photoresists with draft angles from 3 to 17°. Such wafers are used to make master molds for thermoplastics, with the draft angles facilitating demolding. Our photolithography system is based on a 365 nm (i-line) LED flood source of collimated UV light with an intensity of ~10 mW/cm 2 , divergence of ~1.8° (full width at half height), and uniformity of ~10% (peak-to- peak variation) over 90x90 mm square. The system is built for SU8 photoresists with thicknesses of up to 1 mm, but can also be used with other i-line resists. Our mask aligner enables the registration of up to three layers of SU8.


1. For optimal results, features should be at least 2 mm away from boundaries of the exposed area (84x84 mm for 4 inch masks and 89x89 mm for 5 inch masks).

Note: If you design your mask in AutoCAD, please, make sure all polylines are closed to avoid conversion errors.

2. For multilayer lithography, please, use our custom designed alignment patterns, which are available for download in DXF and EPS formats.

Note: We recommend at least 4 alignment patterns on 4 sides of the photomasks. The alignment is further facilitated by a 5th alignment pattern near the center. (The samples have 5 patterns.)

3. Please, use vertical and horizontal straight lines for wafer dicing (street lines) stretching across the entire mask and for cutting of PDMS molds into individual chips.


All microfabrication is done on a best effort basis.

Download PDF Download Alignment Patterns